Introducing the SaVi 7 Steps for Optimizing Your Communications Campaign or Strategy

People are always asking me what’s my sweet spot, what do I do for clients, or how do I distinguish myself from my competitors? When I sat down and actually captured on paper the key elements of the unique value and the counsel I bring to clients, it became apparent to me that I have a proven methodology – an approach to strategic communications – that has worked time and time again to help them more efficiently and effectively raise awareness, change minds or attitudes, and/or effect behavioral change.

I have recently adopted a name for my approach. I am calling it my SaVi 7 Steps. These seven steps are the typical pacings I take clients through when we’re initiating an engagement. They help me to assess, in an organized fashion, all of the elements that comprise a successful strategic communications plan or campaign.

The 7 Steps are: (1) Assess the Situation (2) Identify the Audience (3) Critique the Current Approach (4) Evaluate the Message(s) (5) Consider the Design (6) Define Success Measures (7) Inventory Assets and Resources.

If a client has already completed these steps but they are still not achieving the results they want, then I’ll conduct a review of each one and offer recommendations for improvement. Oftentimes I discover, however, that clients have completed only some of these steps, and sometimes only partially, so we determine where the weaknesses and gaps are and work together to complete or optimize them.

In the coming weeks I will devote a post to each of the steps and share examples of how the approach actually works in practice. In the meantime, reach out if you’d like to know more before then, or simply let me know what you are struggling with and I’ll help you work through it.