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11 Things About Boys Redux With A Twist

September 25, 2014 I read a blog post on Huffington Post Parents today titled, 11 Things Only Parents of Boys Understand, thinking, as a Mom of two boys, here’s something I will truly get a kick out of. But with only one exception, where the item was a fact in our house (farts are funny), […]

Which Good Wife Girl Are You?

To say that I am a HUGE fan of The Good Wife would be an understatement. All week I look forward to Sunday nights and all during the show, I grow more and more anxious that the hour will soon be over, and I’ll be left waiting Lord knows how many weeks before I get […]

Mike Jeffries, You Ignorant Slut

August 26, 2013 So Mike Jeffries, clueless, narcissistic CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch (NYSE:ANF), is at it again. Abercrombie saw a 33% profit loss this past quarter and he’s blaming it of course on the economy. That’s right, the man who spent the first and second quarter of this year alienating teens everywhere with his […]

Please Take the PR Pledge With Me

Media relations. Sigh. For many PR people, it’s the core of what we do. For many others, it is but just one strategy out of many we use to get the job done. I am in the latter camp. I use it sparingly, when it is the right strategy for what my client or company […]

Carnival’s Crisis of Character

A crisis is the most powerful opportunity a corporation can have. How a company handles a crisis solidifies for its customers, more than any advertisement, marketing collateral or public relations puff piece it creates, what its brand really is about. This one moment seals its lasting impression on consumers and therefore, its financial future like […]

Breaking Up (With Your Employer) is Hard To Do

Everyone has had at least one bad breakup in their love life, or at least, if they haven’t, they should. Not that I wish it on anyone. It’s just such an important experience to have. Usually, it’s a catalyst for growth and self-reflection, which ultimately yields greater wisdom and maturity. The same can be said […]

Out of The Mouths of Babes

This phrase, “Out of the Mouths of Babes” comes from a Bible passage referring to the surprising wisdom of children. We use it in everyday language to remark in wonder at what children – the young and inexperienced – sometimes say to us. I am 41. About a year ago, someone more senior to me […]