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Hired a Consultant? Read These 5 Tips First

Perhaps you recently won a large contract and you need more hands to handle it. Or, perhaps a team member needs 12 weeks of FMLA. Or, you simply realized you need expertise from an outsider. Whatever your need, finding a consultant qualified to lighten your load is the easy part. Managing them for mutual success […]

5 Times To Stay Out of the Media

October 20, 2017 It seems like all clients ever want is their name in the news. Many PR flaks will do their darnedest to make it happen. But, sometimes, the very best strategy for your client is to stay OUT of the news. Here are 5 times that’s true. You have nothing substantive to say. […]

3 Ways My Workout Mimics My Work

September 25, 2017 Every day I try to walk four miles. I usually aim for first thing in the morning, so I am at my desk by 9 am. But sometimes, due to deadlines, I take my walk at lunch or around dinner. Though I was a runner all through my twenties, an injury forced […]

Clients to Run From

September 15, 2017 After more than five years on my own consulting, I have had enough experiences with clients to know pretty quickly, who will be a keeper and who won’t. There are some tells from early on in the engagement that will portend whether they’ll be long-term clients or not. The following are red […]

Communications Can’t Cure the Current Chaos

August 4, 2017 I don’t know about you but as a communicator, my optimism is at an all-time low, and my cynicism is at an all-time high. Though fake news (or lies or propaganda or whatever phrase you prefer) is nothing new, it’s now being created and disseminated at rates and volumes beyond what we’ve […]

Dogging Responsibility

June, 2017 I don’t hate dogs. But ours is one of the 56% of American households without one. You’d never know we were in the majority, we non-dog-owners, as we are surrounded by dog homes in my neighborhood. I have nothing against dogs per se, it’s just that my husband is very allergic to them, […]

Managing Conflict With Courage

January 5, 2017   It’s been said that public relations is one of the most stressful careers to have. And no wonder. Few professions are more fraught with impossible deadlines, higher stakes, faster speeds, and crazier conflicts. Nothing derails a job, a project, or even a career faster than conflict. If you Google “conflict resolution” […]