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Does Reaching Your Customers
Feel Like An Uphill Battle?

With all the new tools and technology, it can sometimes feel like it.

SaVi PR offers you strategic PR assistance that focuses
energies in the right place, at the right time, with the right tools
to help you build the momentum you need to reach your peak.

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Is This Thing Even On?

Do you feel like no one hears you?

It can be hard with all the noise out there. In fact, that noise
from competition can prevent your messages from ever reaching
your customers. SaVi PR can amplify your business by helping to
ensure your message is heard by the people you are trying to reach.

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How Do You Know
Which Tool To Pick?

When deciding how to reach your audience, tool selection should not be random.
The best tools to reach your audience are dependent upon who your audience is.
SaVi PR can help you determine who to reach and how with the right tool,
giving you a winning hand every time.

Samantha Villegas, APR

Samantha IS SaVi She is an independent, accredited communications professional with more than 20 years of experience helping nonprofits, government agencies and companies of all sizes realize success with smart, savvy communications and public relations.

Samantha Villegas

Don’t take my word for it

What they say about me

Samantha is an exceptional at PR! I have seen her in action and would not hesitate to recommend her.

It’s been a long time since Samantha and I worked together, but she is hard to forget. So organized, driven and hard-working, Samantha was able to accomplish more than just about anyone I knew back then. I always respected her opinions, creative ideas and professionalism. She was a huge asset on any project she worked, but especially on the ones she ran.

It was a true pleasure to serve alongside Samantha on the Board of Directors for Leadership Loudoun. I appreciated the preparation and insight that she brought to every meeting. It is rare to get that level of dedication for an “all volunteer” effort but Samantha never disappointed.

As the 2013 President of PRSA’s National Capital Chapter, Sam elevated our brand equity by leading and inspiring an executive committee of multidisciplinary experts, communicating expectations to them in a clear and concise way, recognizing her team members for their talents and contributions, and demonstrating visibility and accountability to key publics at many stakeholder facing touch points. Under Sam’s tutelage, I grew as a leader and a communicator.

Samantha is a gifted public relations professional and an exceptional manager and leader. During my experience with her, she oversaw a team of public relations professionals located in different states and quickly built a true team atmosphere filled with opportunities for professional development and collaboration. She is truly a PR star and I’m a better professional for having had the opportunity to work for her.

I had the pleasure of working for Sam and emphatically endorse her expertise, professionalism, and mentoring. I learned a great deal from her that I will take with me for as far as I go in my career. I would be honored to work for her again.

Samantha is an effective communications professional with strong listening and analytical skills. She works well as part of a team, coaching and mentoring team members to create a positive and collaborative environment. I enjoyed working with Samantha and recommend her as someone who will produce positive, measurable results.

Samantha is smart, creative, and strategic. She is able to clearly asses communications challenges and then identify the most efficient and common-sense solutions to those problems. Additionally, Samantha’s energetic and positive outlook on life and work is contagious and inspires confidence — and likely without realizing she’s doing it – she foster a collaborative and willing spirit among her colleagues.

Sam is one of the most knowledgeable and hardest working people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She was able to help us become more organized and efficient through her management. However, what is truly special about Sam is how she works with others. Sam is confident her abilities and knowledge, but not threatened by a new approach or input from others. Instead she welcomes it, and encourages collaboration among everyone.

Sam was a mentor to me and other junior staff. Sam genuinely cares and is invested in the development of the next generation of PR professionals. I learned so much working with her. Her spirit of mentoring, leading not lording, and collaboration is something very special. She encourages her coworkers and challenges everyone around her to be better.

I first met Samantha in 2007 when I was studying for my Accreditation in Public Relations. I am still learning from her and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with her directly [at PRSA] and serve so many PR professionals in the D.C. metro area.

Samantha focuses on developing strategic, measurable communication plans. She is collaborative in identifying objectives and agreeing on shared outcomes. She is also quite committed to staying on top of new pr trends to stay ahead of the curve and employ the latest tools to drive results.

I had the pleasure of working with Samantha when I was chair of the Thoth Awards in 2012. One of Samantha’s best assets is her ability to look at the “big picture” while never losing sight of the details. I also greatly appreciated that she was resourceful, creative, solution-orientated, responsive, engaging and personable. I would not have been able to implement such a high profile event without Samantha’s support.

Samantha is a consummate communications professional. I had the pleasure of serving with her on several local and regional committees and projects. She is bright, creative, resourceful, and intelligent. Samantha knows what it takes to get the work done – and moreover – she does it!

Samantha is a fearless and strategic change agent who is adept at leading people and building consensus. As president of the PRSA National Capital Chapter, she has led the board of the nation’s largest PRSA chapter to creatively examine the chapter’s existing programs and services so it can better serve its members and the DC-area PR community. Her keen analytical and collaborative skills overcome just about any management challenge she encounters.

Samantha is a true professional in every way. She has great experience and knowledge in her profession and also has excellent interpersonal and leadership skills as well. She leads by example and is open and transparent in all of her dealings. I truly enjoyed working with Samantha and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Samantha worked with us on a number of strategic communications efforts, including re-vamping a website, designing a case study template, and writing marketing copy. She is a strategic thinker, experienced, highly consultative, and she delivers excellent work on time and under budget. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Samantha Villegas is a unique public relations professional with an academic background in environmental science. As a manager, Samantha was always mentoring, and inspiring her team to utilize, and develop their skills by involving them in strategic planning activities and providing personal support in the implementation of communications plans, and related tasks. These qualities motivated our regional communications team members to be invested in the success of the plans designed to address challenges to American Water’s reputation and business operations. Samantha’s dual industry knowledge, positive attitude, and integrity earned her respect from both her team members, and management at every level in the organization.

Samantha was a leader in the National Capital Region on how to effectively communicate drinking water quality and supply issues to elected leaders, to stakeholders, to the general public and the media. She was a creative leader, looking at new and exciting ways to accomplish regional and local goals, including use of social media. Her enthusiasm was contagious; she did a fabulous job leading a group of her peers develop a new “community engagement campaign” that we continue to carry forward at the Council of Governments. I strongly recommend her for positions that reflect her skills and abilities.

Samantha provided insight and leadership, organizing and managing an ambitious community outreach initiative to help turn around a major public relations issue, helping our business regain trust with critical stakeholders and our customers.

Samantha was a pleasure to work with. Her passion, dedication, and fresh ideas were outstanding, and she was an innovative leader.